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The Western History Association recently added a list of Western-themed blogs to their front page and I think it is worth crowd-sourcing the topic to see what additional active Western History blogs could be recommended for their list.  Feel free to discuss in the comments, but if you have a good suggestion, email them directly here.  Do you have colleagues blogging about Western history?  Does your local historical society run a good blog?  Are there facebook-based blogs that regularly post on Western history?  Lets see if we can’t grow this list!!!

In the meantime, here is their list so far:

  • http://borderlandshistory.wordpress.com/
    • This is a great website run by a collection of borderlands scholars, myself included, with a core group of contributors coming from the UTEP Borderlands History Graduate Program.  It should be noted that this blog is actively recruiting new contributors, so if you would like to write a post use the contact form on this site (or that one) and we can get you directed to the right people.
  • http://whadigitalfrontiers.wordpress.com/
    • This blog is hosted by the WHA Technology Committee. If you have attended the WHA in the past few years, you may have noticed a standing set of Digital History workshops – and hopefully you have been able to attend one.  The digital history (and humanities) world is vibrant, active, and growing.  They are eager to explore new directions and methodologies.  Researchers, educators and those engaged in public history should find lots here to like.
  • http://blogwest.org/
    • This is one of my favorites.  A great group of scholars have started posting here on a variety of topics – many skewing towards the 20th Century West, Environment, Tourism, etc…  Recently they introduced a great new regular column (do we call them that online?) entitled Weekend Reading where they have thoughtfully collected interesting posts from the week, offer links and explanation, and so forth.  That is a feed you should definitely subscribe to!
  • http://northwesthistory.blogspot.com/
    • Come for the NW and Digital History, stay for the laughs.  This blog is run by Larry Cebula (Eastern Washington University) and features content on the Pacific NW (duh!), but also digital history and public history.  In other words – it often goes beyond the titular region.  And, Cebula displays a wry wit that the rest of us would do well to develop ourselves. 😉
  • http://history.denverlibrary.org/blog/
    • As you might guess, the “Western History and Genealogy Blog” of the great Denver Public Library skews heavily towards local Denver and Colorado history.  The Library itself, however, hosts great collections for a much broader Western geography.  Of particular interest is the library’s great photograph collections – many of which are regularly featured here on their blog.  If you are looking for images to deconstruct and use in classroom discussions, you will find plenty here.  “Weird Photo Wednesday” is especially delightful.
  • http://www.bwrensink.org/
    • I really don’t know much about this blog – but it seems a bit shady.  Sketchy author.

Finally, if you don’t see anything you like, then perhaps you should consider starting a blog of your own or look into contributing to one of the aforementioned sites!

6 thoughts on “Western History Blogs

  1. Thank you for mentioning our blog at the Denver Public Library WHG department. And we’re glad that you enjoy our Weird Photo Wednesdays! All the best from the bloggers at WHG! Please check out and like our facebook page at facebook.com/whgnews

  2. Thanks for this list. I’ve never liked Denver Public Library’s blog. I don’t like Denver Public Library’s policies, either, so that might color my reading of their blog. Two local Colorado blogs that I like a lot are “Intriguing Faces and Places from Colorado History”, which mostly covers Bloomfield (http://caturner.wordpress.com/); and “You can’t use it if you don’t preserve it” (http://evldlh.wordpress.com/), which focuses on Eagle County history. I read as many Colorado history blogs as I can find, including from various museums, but most of them aren’t worth mentioning.

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