International Boundary Commission Still ‘Slash’-ing the Line

Whether you have traveled across the U.S.-Canadian border via boat, car, air, or virtually on Google Maps, you may have noticed that there is in fact a visible line – a slash – especially prominent in forested areas.  Well guess what, the International Boundary Commission, created by the 1794 Jay Treaty, is still at it – continually cutting the slash of trees on the border.  Click the link below for a nice write-up.  The writer poses some great questions: “So whose chain saws do the work? Are they full of petrol or gas? Are the workers paid in loonies or greenbacks? How often do they maintain the Slash? And whose idea was it to create a no-trespass express lane straight through the boundary forests?”

Why is There a “Slash” in the Trees at the U.S.-Canada Border?



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