Goodbye Lake Powell, it Was Nice Knowing Ya’

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Continuing the discussion from last week about the West’s ongoing water crisis, I just happened upon this post on The Weather Channel.  The article references a new Bureau of Reclamation report which projects that upcoming water releases from Lake Powell will be reduced – having potential impacts on downstream agriculture and hydroelectric projects.  Again, no matter you stand on climate change, you can’t deny a drought.

Click through the 1999-present images, all taken in March/April at the top of the post to see Lake Powell dry up before your eyes.  Striking visuals as the water recedes, comes back, recedes again.


Articles and Photographs here:

Another side of this issues is annual summer reports of fatal boating accidents on Lake Powell due to low-water levels creating more subsurface water hazards.

Jason Heppler ( pointed us to this great Google Earth engine and its rendition of Lake Powell – 1980s to the present.  Check out the site for some other great ones.  And, check out Jason’s page for all things digital humanities.

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